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Question: Connect to API through Excel

Has anyone has success connecting to a project’s API through Excel (Power BI) or its built-in “Get Data” from Web?

Edit: If so, how did you successfully do that? I’m not sure if the API connection is through .com or .io (documentation doesn’t match URL testrail provided URL)

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the post! We have TestRail instances on .com, and .io domains and the documentation example uses a .com example. However, when connecting to your TestRail instance using the API, you would use the full URL of your TestRail instance as the base of the URL. So, if your instance is located at, a sample API request URL would be as follows:

While we don’t have any example scripts for Power BI, connecting to the API would be the easiest way to integrate your TestRail instance and connect it into your team’s reporting tools, Excel, etc.

I hope this is helpful,

Thank you very much for your feedback Jon! We got the API working in Power BI now

@jon.reynolds @ds12will Can you please share the steps to configure TestRail with Power BI via TestRail API?