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Question about TestRail reports


Is it possible to generate a report that shows all of the comments a tester may have entered when passing or failing a test??


Hi there!

Yes, our print report would be a good choice for this. You can just click on the print icon from a test run/plan page and choose the Detailed view. This shows all test details and comments etc. on a single page and also allows you to save a PDF file from your browser.

I hope this helps!


That’s great, thanks!


I need to know how to put the comment into report too.

The print method contains too many information and we want to see those information from several test plan within one report.

Please advice.



Hi there,

The print report would usually be the best approach, but if you need a custom report you can also export the data to an XML file to generate any custom report or metrics you need. We are also happy to review adding more reports in this area to the Reports section in TestRail.