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Question about multi-testers do a Testrun together



I’m new here, my company just started using Testrail as the way of managing test cases, which is great. :slight_smile:

then i got question below:

when multi-testers do a test run at the same time, they need to press F5 to refresh website, just in order to get latest status of each test case, that make testing flow a little bit complex,

is there any way to get the status of each test case automatically when cooperate with other tester in a same test run?




Hi @RainHaung,

Thanks for the post! The main test list within a test run would not automatically refresh unless the page is refreshed through various actions, such as pressing F5 or switching in and out of TestRail’s FastTrack view (or three-pane view mode).

However, when using TestRail’s three-pane view mode, you would be able to see the latest added result when viewing each test case (without refreshing the page), as this data would be populated in the test details each time you click on a test. You can review this feature on our website here:

Alternatively, you can utilize test case assignment to divide the workflow among you users to prevent some testing overlap, if this would be helpful for your team.

Hope this helps,



hey @jon.reynolds

That make sense,