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Python Support for SmartInspect



The SmartInspect logging component has become a huge asset to my .NET development. However, my organization is starting to utilize Python more and more. I know there is a limited library for Python and SmartInspect, but it is very old and for Python 2.x. Are there any plans to provide a Python library for SmartInspect in the future? If so, what is the timeframe?




SmartInspect is no longer actively supported by the Gurocks. There will be no update for Python. Look elsewhere.


SmartInspect is no longer actively supported? Was there an official announcement? I guess there is no need to keep the maintenance up on the product then.


No, there was no official announcement because if they did, then everybody would go. The fact that they have not updated the product in two years, and have said they are only -thinking- about maybe updating it some time in the future speaks for itself. Draw your own conclusion.