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Python Library


For anyone who is interested, I’ve partially ported the Delphi lib to Python:


Hello Michael,

That’s really cool, thanks for porting SmartInspect to Python and for letting us know! I’m sure that remote debugging via TCP/IP is quite useful for web development (especially on *nix machines) and I can certainly see how a SmartInspect library for Python comes in handy.

Your Python library is already quite complete from what we could see on a quick glance (except a few protocols of course) and it’s definitive something we are happy to tell other SmartInspect users (e.g., I’m planning to blog about your library later today).

We are also thinking about an area on our site where we can link to third-party SmartInspect projects/addons (or even host them if somebody is interested in this). Anyway, keep up the good work!