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Putting feature criteria in URLs


I’d like to be able to bookmark and share certain commonly-used filters in my view of test cases. How do I do that?

My preference would be to have a URL that sets up the filter, even if it redirects to a different URL immediately after setting up the filter.


Hello Ian,

Currently it’s not directly possible to save or share the test case filters on the run or suite pages. We already have this on our feature request list though and would like to make it easier to save, reuse and share those filters between team members in the future.



Has there been any progress on this? In my opinion, making urls cut-and-pasteable isn’t a feature – not having them is a serious defect. There’s an expectation the URLs always show the exact same resource, no matter what. In my organization, people were sending urls to each other, expecting that others saw the same thing, and they weren’t. There was lots of confusion until we realized this bug. Now it’s clear that TestRail is not as useful as we had hoped. Can you give an ETA on when this will be fixed?


Hi @dimal,

Thanks for your feedback. Every user in TestRail can have his own set of filters, column selection, view mode and even the selected section is remembered in TestRail. This is stored in the database per user and project and not in the URL, otherwise it wouldn’t really be possible to restore this state when users switch between pages and/or projects. We are happy to look into adding support to the URLs as well and some attributes can already be controlled with the URL (e.g. group by and group order).



It would be nice to have the URL feature to share filters with other team members. Is there another way to share filters with other team members?


Hi Robert,

Thanks for your feedback! The filters are stored in the database per user, and wouldn’t be directly sharable via a URL or other means. I went ahead and added another vote on your behalf to this request as well.