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Pushing defect to JIRA gets Jira_Cloud_REST returned an error

We have just upgraded from TestRail 5.7 to 6.2 and during testing of the upgrade have run into the following error when usingpush to add a defect to JIRA:

Plugin “Jira_Cloud_REST” returned an error: OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

We are using the server version of TestRail - v6.2.1.1003 - running on Windows Server 2016 Std. running on VMWare. The database is SQLServer 2017 Enterprise Ed. (v 14.0.3223.3). PHP version is 7.2.7.

I thought initially this might be an issue with credentials and reset the JIRA API token for the account used to integrate with JIRA. But it looks like the problem is in the SSL handshake between TestRail & JIRA. I then tried a reboot of the server in case there was a caching issue but this didn’t work.

There are examples of it occuring in other applications. Am wondering if this has been seen with TestRail before and if so what the resolution has been.


I would go to the News section of the forums and search for Jira - there have been changes in the last couple of updates/patches.