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Pushing a defect to have an auto-filled custom text field


I would like to know if I can also have a custom field on Testrail automatically filled in with text. For example, I would like to push a defect and the custom field already contains the words ‘actual result’ and ‘expected result’ so that a tester doesn’t have to manually type the template with every new defect raised?

I’ve currently got Testrail integrated with Jira Cloud via the app. On Jira I do not use the default ‘description’ field and instead use a custom field on Jira, which I’ve also setup in Testrail via [push.fields]. both custom fields are linked.

For a little background information, we have to use a custom field in Jira so that we can auto-fill it with our testing template such as ‘actual result, expected result, repro steps’. Ideally we’d like to have this text template in our TestRail custom field when pushing a defect.

Many thanks,

To clarify, this might be instead referred to as a ‘custom push field’. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!


This still hasn’t been resolved unfortunately and I still require assistance with this.