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Push to jira from automated test result


My use case is as follows:

  • Jenkins CI executes e2e and unit tests which are linked via IDs to test cases
  • custom reporting (in house code) looks up the IDs and creates a new test run and pushes the results using a “jenkins” user
  • QA logins to validate failures of automated test run and wants to push a failures as a defect in JIRA

The last step is impossible as the test result is created by another user (jenkins) so the edit button is not shown. Only possible workaround is to add a new test result for the same test case but that requires copying bunch of information from the original test result.

Is there a setting or something to allow editing other user`s test results or simply pushing the result into JIRA?

Thank you in advance and keep up the great work,
Pierre Awaragi

PS we are using the hosted version of Testrail


Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your posting. Results can only be edited by the user who created it so we would recommend adding a new test result. You wouldn’t necessarily need to copy the information over to the next result. Once you push a new issue to JIRA, the entire test is linked to the issue and you can see all results and result details in JIRA (assuming you also use the TestRail for JIRA add-on):



Thank you for your reply but in testrail this will lead to creating multiple entries per test result.

I can rephrase my question as in why is the push to JIRA not outside of the edit dialog box of the result and right next to the result screen. This way, you can push any result you want even those entered by other users.


Hi Pierre,

The idea of the Push feature is to link a JIRA issue to a result so the functionality must be part of the Add Result dialog. It’s still possible to push a new issue and then not add the result (just click Cancel on the Add Result dialog after adding the issue) but the new JIRA issue wouldn’t be linked to any of the results in this case and so you wouldn’t see any linked results in JIRA. So, pushing a new issue and adding a new result (with the same status as the previous result) would be the recommend approach in this case.