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Push test result in JIRA doesn't create a link towards TestRail in the field "Testrail: Results"


I have TestRail and JIRA integrated with:
A/the JIRA plugin in TestRail
B/ the TestRail add-on in JIRA

I am able to push a bug from TestRail in JIRA. The new bug number is also filled in the “Defects” field in TestRail.

PROBLEM: I am missing the actual test result in JIRA itself. I would have expected this result is not only shown in the related reference issue, but also in the related defect of that test.


Hi MarjV,
did you configure the plugin correctly?
You nee to specify the address with an integration key correctly.
Being able to add a Bug/Defect is only the one side. The Plugin in JIRA will contact TestRail to find a result containing the issue id to present it as mentioned.

Just a poor idea, sorry…


It was solved by the JIRA admin… apparently there was still something uncorrectly configured there :slight_smile: