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Push Sprint field to JIRA?


I am trying to configure my Testrail installation to push values in to the JIRA agile sprint field. I added it to my JIRA integration (sprint=on) but when I try to create a defect I get a message to say “Form field “sprint” does not specify a field type.”. Looking in my JIRA instance as an admin I see that the JIRA field type is listed as "JIRA Agile Sprint Field " and wont let me raise a defect. So the question is how do I specify this in the TR JIRA integration to make this work? I know that I need to specify the sprint number in the form of its internal value as there will be 30+ "sprint 1"s in the system.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for your posting. The last time we checked (and we were in contact with Atlassian regarding this feature), the Agile/Sprint fields were not supported by JIRA’s API unfortunately and it wasn’t possible to use them with TestRail’s integration out of the box. This might have changed in the meantime though. Could you please try to specify this field as a regular custom field according to our documentation?

You can find the ID of this field when viewing/editing it in JIRA (the ID is then part of the URL).



Hey Tobias, Thanks for the reply

I tried specifiying a configuration for the field as per the custom field documentation, which allowed me to at least open the raise defect dialogue. However the field was not editable, it shows the red circle with a line through it when you put the cursor over it. I tried it with all the different field types with no luck.

I also checked back with the JIRA REST API and as you state this is not supported yet (



Thanks for the update, Tom. I’m sure API support will be added in the near future and we are happy to look into this feature again once this is available. I would currently recommend using the Push feature without the sprint fields and adding additional details on JIRA’s side after adding new issues. You can quickly jump to new issues after adding them from TestRail by clicking on the issue link on the left side of a test result.

I hope this helps!




I was just curious if there are any updates on this one? We started using TestRail here and this was something we noticed when we are pushing bugs from the test run. It would be really helpful to add the Sprint at the time of pushing the bug to Jira.



It looks like this is implemented as part of the Agile API.

One additional consideration is to support Boards within the API. It’s a bit tricky though, as I’m not sure how you’d implement universal support for creating issues attached to Boards given they can have their own JQL specific queries to filter the issues.

Out JIRA instance is set up with Projects that have Boards which contain Issues that belong to that board. The board is essentially a development stream for the Project, which is really a Product.

The issues may be assigned to a Board specific Epic, or the issues may stand alone in the board.

We will be adding our own customizations to the TestRail JIRA REST plugin, using the Agile APIs to enable us to do what works for our specific workflows. I’m not sure if what we create will be useful to the wider community though.

It would be interesting to get your thoughts!


Hi Bryan, Glenn,

Thanks for your feedback. Now that the API is available (I’m not sure when it was added to be honest, I guess maybe as part of JIRA’s product split into Core/Software etc.), we are also happy to look into this from our side again. The API wasn’t available the last time we checked (and spoke with Atlassian).

Glenn: would be great to see what you and your team come up with and your approach to using the Agile JIRA features in combination with TestRail.



Hi Tobias,

I’ve sent the customized php script to, hopefully it’s of some use!




Thanks a lot, Glenn! :slight_smile:




Was just wondering if there was any update on, if it is possible to to include the SPRINT field to the push defect feature?

Thank you


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your feedback! I believe there’s now an API update from JIRA/Atlassian that should make it possible to include sprint related fields and it’s planned to look into this.




what is the situation with this issue?

Kóti L.


Hi Kóti,

Thanks for your posting. There’s no update at this point but it’s still planned to look into this.



Hello - realise gurock still working on this, but is it possible for us to do a workaround in the meantime ? I see above mention of a custom TR push field, and that you can obtain the ID by viewing/editing (see post Jul 15 from Tobias) - can you help me with how to do that ? I can see our current sprint ID by hovering over the sprint URL, but I think what we need is the actual ID of the field itself in JIRA not the sprint ID. Thanks for any help.


Hi @hdobson,

Thanks for your posting! I believe it’s not possible to add support for the Sprint field via custom fields because JIRA uses a separate API just for the sprints. It’s still on our list of things to add and we would also like to see this in one of the next versions.



Hi, Do you have any news about this issue? Can I used it now? Or do you plan to add it in the future?

Thank you,



We are still looking into the best way to implement this into TestRail. We hope to eventually add this functionality.


Thank you!
I hope you implement this issue soon, it is a MUST in my opinion :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Is there any more news on this feature?