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Push option (JIRA): Can configuration info be added to the title?


When pushing a failed test case, currently the title auto fills with the test case title.
The configuration information is appended (in parenthesis) in the TestRail test case title but is not pushed to the title of the bug.

Is there a way to configure for the push to add this extra info to the title?

That way, if we have 3 testers working on different OS/etc. configurations and only one or two testers find an issue, the actual bugs differentiates the configuration in the title.

If there is no way, can this serve as a feature request? :smiley:



Thanks for your posting. The configuration is currently not pushed to JIRA but you can always use the back link in the JIRA description to go back to TestRail (to see all test and result details). I’m also happy to add this to our feature request list, thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: