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Push JIRA custome field type EPIC LInk


I am trying to include JIRA “EPIC Link” field to create a Bug from Test Rail to JIRA on selection of “Push”. This is a mandatory field for our JIRA instance as we group Bugs by EPIC. However, I cannot add the field to the Admin Integration section of Test Rail. The following error is returned.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Invalid configuration for defect plugin “Jira_REST”: Field “customfield_10008” is enabled but configuration section [push.field.customfield_10008] is missing.




Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for posting! In addition to setting the custom field to ‘on’ in the [push.fields] section of the defect plugin, you also need to add a section to the configuration to describe the name and type of the field as explained here:

I hope this helps!



Hi John,
Following up on this query. Fields such as “Epic Link” and “Sprint” are not custom fields but standard JIRA agile fields?

I have tried in the push fields section: sprint = on without luck and have tried treating it as a custom field 10007 and 10008 but with no luck, The field displays on the push screen but the drop down is not populating.

Any ideas.






I have same issue.
Could you please let me know how to add Epic Link and Sprint as part of push template. Thanks.