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Push.fields -What am I missing?

I’m trying to fix my push defect from TestRail (version to Mantis (version 2.24.3) using the Mantis_SOAP plugin. The Plugin is missing the Software Version field which is required for a specific project.

I’m trying to add it via the push.fields option. From what I can tell, my custom field id is 2 but my project id is 6. What other information for the custom field do I have to add to get the field to display and to get it to successfully push.


label=Software Version

I never integrated with Mantis, but I took a look at these pages:

If your new custom field has id = 2, the configuration at this point looks correct.
Did you configure your Defect Add URL project specific, e.g. by defining to use project 6? Check the second link for the explanation.

Just a first idea…

Thanks for the response. I’ve been scouring both those pages.

My URLS are set up right from what I can see.

Defect View URL: http://us06wsman01/mantisbt/view.php?id=%id%
Defect Add URL: http://us06wsman01/mantisbt/bug_report_page.php?project_id=6

This has been the frustrating part. I’ve even sent a request to Mantishub support to see if they have suggestions.

I’m figuring there’s a DOH! moment in here somewhere.

I did notice the field is unique in the context of the project. (I have other projects that have different defined fields with an ID of 2.

Per the Add url though, this should make it unique (if I can get it to display).

I had the same understanding.
Therefore I asked for the project config to make sure…

For sure you just have one list of push.fields - not spreaded entries in the config…

Sorry, no further ideas. :relieved:

No worries. I’m hoping to get as many eyes on it in the hopes of getting a breakthrough (and get the reference materials updated).