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Push failed test results to Jira automatically

Hi everyone!

I’m using TestRail Cloud integrated with Jira Cloud and I have some API tests that the results are updated to TestRail via Postman/Newman. Is there any way that after a test run is finished I push all the failed tests to Jira as bugs automatically without have to go into TR interface and push one by one?

As far as I could see on TR documentation this is possible using a custom defect .php plugin, is that correct? Also it gives the impression that this is only available if you are using TR Server. Does anyone knows if this automatic push can be done using TR Cloud?

Thanks A Lot!

Hi @rgschulte,

Thanks for reaching out! In our most recent release (TestRail 6.1) we released the ability to link a TestRail Run to a Jira ID so you can view the progress and results of that test run directly in Jira. You can learn more about TestRail 6.1 here.