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Push Defect inetregation with Rally



I am new to TestRail and I am trying to integrate TestRail with Rally. I was able to get the Defect View/Add URL to work correctly, but now I am trying to get the Push function to work.

When I try to click Push on Add Test Result, I am seeing this error:
“Plugin “Rally” returned an error: connect() timed out!”

I have been following the help page here:
I am not sure if I am doing this correctly, but this is what I have in the defect plugin configuration:

; Please configure your Rally connection below.
; Note: requires Rally API v1.40 or later.

user_email is a String
rally_password is a Password

(Rally uses an email address to log in)

I have gone into my Settings and added my Rally login.

We do have multiple workspaces and multiple projects under each workspace, so do I need to add a project variable as well?

Have I put the incorrect address? I’ve tried that and the actual address to the login page (

I have even tried just doing rally_user as the variable (non email login).

We would love this function to work, so any help is greatly appreciated!



Hello Carrie,

Thanks for your posting! I assume you use a TestRail installation on your own server, is this correct? It appears that there’s a problem with the network connection from your TestRail server to Rally (TestRail needs a direct connection for the defect plugin integration). Could you please check that TestRail can reach Rally/has access to the Internet? This could also be a temporary network connectivity issue.



Hello Tobias!

Thank you for responding! Yes, we have TestRail on our server. And it appears that TestRail can reach Rally, as I am able to add Defects to the Add Test Results dialog box. I also have it set up if I click add in the Add Test Results box it will bring up Rally for me.

I think we moved the server onto a different network…could that possibly have messed up the direct connection?

Also, on another forum post, I found that there is a workaround for the reference URL with Rally as such:

Is there a fix for this yet? So instead of the URL “searching” for the defect in Rally, is there a way that it will be directly linked to the Defect?

And do I need to have the custom plugin in order for the Hover over the defect link to work? It looked like it tried working when I did have the plugin added, but the hover never brought anything up.

Thanks again for the help,


Hello Carrie,

Thanks for the additional details. The Lookup & Push feature requires a direct connection from TestRail to Rally and it seems that the server move might be responsible for this behavior (if it worked previously). The Add link on the Add Test Result dialog is independent of this and would work even without a direct connection (as this is just a regular link to Rally that is opened in your browser when clicked).

I would recommend contacting your IT to see if they can help with the TestRail <-> Rally connection. Once you got the connection working, you can push and view Rally tickets directly from TestRail’s interface:

I hope this helps and please let me know in case you have any further questions!