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Push attachments to JIRA


I know this new JIRA integration allows for the images to be viewed from the TestRail plugin in JIRA but is there any plan to actually allow the attachments to be pushed directly to the JIRA ticket? We would ideally want the image to be on the JIRA server itself since most of our JIRA users do not have TestRail access.


+1 from me as well to this feature. It is mighty important for my work.


Hello John, Raji,

Thanks your feedback! We would usually recommend giving developers access to TestRail as well so they can view test results including screenshots and attachments. The Push feature is great but has its limitations when it comes to pushing very structured data such as separated steps. This is a lot better if you can use the JIRA add-on and see the steps and other result details directly in JIRA:

(this view would also show separated steps)

We are happy to look into adding attachment and screenshot support for the Push dialog as well but we would also recommend considering giving your developers access to TestRail. This would not just be useful for viewing results in JIRA but also to contribute to test results and the testing process in general and we found that this is the most productive way to use TestRail as a team, especially in combination with JIRA or other issue tracking tools.

I hope this helps!




I’m currently evaluating TestRail and I know I could never justify the cost for each developer to access TestRail just so they could view attachments.



Hello Brian,

Thanks for your feedback! We regular receive the feedback from customers that giving non-QA team members access as well makes a big difference for their team. I understand budget concerns of course, but TestRail is very reasonable priced and especially if you compare it the salary of a developer (which is 2-3 orders of magnitude higher). So, it should pay for itself quickly and we found that the team communication is much more efficient when all team members have access to the same data and tools. So, it’s not just about viewing attachments in our experience but also about collaboration by adding comments, changing test statuses, viewing reports and staying in the loop in general.



+1 for allowing attachments to be pushed with defects

where can i vote on this?


You just voted… :slight_smile: There is no poll set up or anything like that.


Thanks. Assumed they had a JIRA or similar where the roadmap was visible + voting was done.


Thanks for your feedback, @kdi :slight_smile:



Please add a vote from me on this feature too


Thanks for your feedback, Thomas!



+1 – Bummed that this isn’t a part of the push capability. It would be more efficient for us to have the screenshots/video moved into JIRA via the push feature.


Hi Allen,

Thanks for your feedback! You can also already view attachments directly in JIRA via the TestRail for JIRA add-on:



Just found this blogpost at the atlassian forums…so, it should be possible somehow to upload lets say a screenshot that is already in the testrail comment/attachment are (as you know the filename and path to file).


Hi Cyrus,

Yes, I believe it’s possible to do this with the API but this is not something that’s currently supported by the JIRA integration from TestRail’s side. You can always see the attachments (and all other test result details) in JIRA directly if you use our (free) TestRail for JIRA add-on:



I think that the requests are not taken seriously, since since 2013 I see that this issue is in question and implementation has not been implemented at present.

It is really uncomfortable to have to later access JIRA to add the attachments, since although the salary of the developers is high, does not justify the fact that you have to enter TestRail to visualize the evidence, you have to be aware that your time is limited and We are doing it to enter different places only to understand a defect.

I was considering TestRail, I even get to generate the payment when I visualize that it is limited in this action, therefore I will proceed to look for one that if it allows, since it does not help me that the attachment is appended in TestRail if it does not have a handler Of defects as such, would be entering different places many times in the day to day.

Unless you provide me with a specific solution to this.



Hi Ariel,

Thank you for the post and feedback. In this case, the integration is not able to push attachments to JIRA when creating defects. You could always submit the URL for an attachment in your defect and have this attachment be either sitting in TestRail or in another location.


This is not integration if you cannot have all needed fields. I was looking to add attachments when creating defects but now I see that this is not possible. This type of integration does not bring any help if you still need to open both tools to add all details to a defect.


Hi there,

Thank you for your post and feedback. When pushing defects to JIRA, the referenced test will show the associated attachments when using the TestRail for JIRA Test Management add-on.

As you can see in the above screenshot, any attachments that were attached to the test, show up when viewing the JIRA defect. This allows you to view any screenshots that may be associated with the test. If there are specific attachments outside of screenshots, these can easily be viewed by clicking on the referenced test ID.


I know that there is a way to attach photo attachments to a test case but I am not referring to that but to the case when you run the test case and you find a bug. In this case you want to add as much relevant information as you can. Video attachments or photo attachments of the scenario of the defect are relevant information and would be nice to be added when creating a defect from TestRail in order not to go to JIRA and add them later.