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Push attachments to JIRA


Hi there,

Thank you for your post and feedback. When pushing defects to JIRA, the referenced test will show the associated attachments when using the TestRail for JIRA Test Management add-on.

As you can see in the above screenshot, any attachments that were attached to the test, show up when viewing the JIRA defect. This allows you to view any screenshots that may be associated with the test. If there are specific attachments outside of screenshots, these can easily be viewed by clicking on the referenced test ID.


I know that there is a way to attach photo attachments to a test case but I am not referring to that but to the case when you run the test case and you find a bug. In this case you want to add as much relevant information as you can. Video attachments or photo attachments of the scenario of the defect are relevant information and would be nice to be added when creating a defect from TestRail in order not to go to JIRA and add them later.


I feel that they believe us ignorant explaining over and over again that we attach the evidence in TestRail, I think so far we all know how to do it.

It is different that do not want to perform such functionality because they are interested in forcing the user to enter TestRail but are neglecting the effectiveness and usability of your application.

I am really annoyed, since after my comment, they eliminated all my test account, even without winning the test days and lost all the information of the projects, I was waiting for your response to expect such an improvement but still acquire its tool.

However, what they did is very unprofessional on their part and their service, which I totally distrust the safeguard and security of the information of the projects.


Thank you for your posts,

We do receive a large number of feature and enhancement requests on a daily basis. That being said, we do make note of all of these and base the requests we are able to implement on what appears to be the most relevant. That being said, we have not forgotten about this request and I have made additional notes on the request for our development team to see.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team


I too am enquiring about pushing attachments from TestRail to JIRA. Am I to understand this is not possible?

I looked through the ‘Add Field’ option in the integration and cannot see anything relating to attachments there either.



"I too am enquiring about pushing attachments from TestRail to JIRA. Am I to understand this is not possible?

I looked through the ‘Add Field’ option in the integration and cannot see anything relating to attachments there either."

Correct - the API does not deal with attachments at this time.


+1 for requesting that this feature is added. I have just now configured Testrail to use the defect push to Jira option.

Without being able to push screenshots/images from Testrail to Jira its pretty much pointless in using the push feature as the user still has to go into Jira to add the images, which defeats the reason for actually using the push feature in the first place, which is to create the defect from Testrail without having to leave it and go into Jira.

So until the image push feature is added, I don’t really see the value in this as we add screenshots/images for a large number of our defect reports.

It’s a bit shocking that this was first requested over 4 years ago, yet still no development. Can we get this prioritised please and an ETA on it?

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Could i get a response on this please? thanks


I think its really problamatic that your guys wont allow to sent attachment via testrail

it makes everything really slow and slugish


+1 for pushing attachments to JIRA


Any update on this? thanks


+1 for attachment through JIRA plugin. I really wish with a cherry on top that someone that works there would give a genuine answer as to why this isn’t available. IE: “We don’t want to implement this feature now or ever”. I’d take that much better than silence and a ticket that has been open for 4 years and move on with life. I’ve been a test rail user for much longer than this and I still don’t get it.

PS - Why in the world did I have to make a brand new account for a Gurock discussion group? I’m a paying customer and I can’t even use my normal TestRail login. Just saying…


+1. I really want to ctrl+v my screenshots into Push Defect form with the subsequent adding attachments to the issues in JIRA.


We added our Jira custom fields to TestRail so users can push defects directly from TestRail and don’t have to go back and modify them in Jira. Not being able to push attachments defeats this logic and ultimately impacts productivity.


I was a bit disappointed to find this is still not supported.


It would be nice if we could at least get a response on this.


Agree with comments above. Not being able to transfer attachements renders the PUSH DEFECT feature useless

Possible to get an update ?


Agree with Juepap, functionality is rendered pointless without being able to paste images in testrail.


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