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Push attachments to JIRA


When pushing a defect from TestRail to JIRA, it brings over the description of the failed test. Is there a way to also get it to bring over attachments?



Thanks for your posting. Pushing attachments to Jira is currently not supported unfortunately but this is already on our feature request list. Since Jira is the most popular issue tracker used with TestRail, we constantly add new features to the integration and we will look into this for a future version (I’ve just added another vote to this feature request).



Another vote from me for this one…
For us it’s really essential to have the attachments (logfiles, screenshots, etc) in jira, since we have development partners who cannot access TestRail to get the Info from the tescase


Added to the list, thank you!



This is also something two of our product teams have as being a requirement for push.


Added to the list as well, Robert, thanks!




Any update on this feature? Is it possible to push attachements to Jira?



Hello David,

Thanks for the update. Attachment support is not yet available for the JIRA integration but we plan to look into this again for a larger JIRA integration update in the coming year (I’ve just added another vote to this request, thanks!).



This would be a huge item for our team. Is there any update on when the JIRA integration would be enhanced to have this feature?



Hello John,

Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have a time estimate for this unfortunately but we will make sure to look into this again as part of a larger JIRA integration update as mentioned.



+1 for ability to push attachments and to allow paste the screenshots from clipboard


Added another vote, thanks!



Please add one more vote from me.
Hopefully, 2 years after it was first mentioned, this feature isn’t far off. I look forward to integrating it into our processes.


Still on our list and we would like to look into this as part of a larger JIRA related update (just added another vote to this feature request, thanks!).



Pleas add a vote from me as well. Thanks!


We actually have something in the works that will help with this. We cannot commit/announce anything in this area quite yet, but hopefully soon!


+1 from me as well to this feature :slight_smile:


Hello Viljam,

The new JIRA integration and add-ons now also has support for displaying attachments (and everything else) directly in JIRA:

New panels on JIRA issue page:

And detail view for a result:



Is this still in the works? It would be great to add attachments to JIRA directly from TestRail.


You can actually use our new JIRA add-on to directly see linked test result details in JIRA, and this would also include attachments: