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Pursuing the Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

This is a guest posting by Michael G. Solomon PhD CISSP PMP CISM

In a previous article, I talked about testing blockchain apps. Although you can test blockchain apps using non-live blockchains, eventually you have to assess how your app runs in a live environment. That means you have to use it, and pay for it, using real cryptocurrency. One of the advantages of using blockchain technology is in the ability to own cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin and ether. But there are many more virtual assets that you can own. In fact, blockchain apps can define or manage just about any type of digital asset. These digital representations of real assets are often called cryptoassets, getting their name from the fact that the blockchain, where they live, is essentially built using cryptography. So whether you’re using or testing blockchain apps on a live blockchain, you’ll need to have an account and some cryptoassets.

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