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Purpose of HTML Report

All -

I would like to know how is everyone using the HTML report feature?

I typically share the test results to my stakeholders in PDF through an email attachment and it doesn’t have hyperlinks to the test case results for them to review.

I do see that the HTML report captures everything including hyperlinks to each test case associated to the test run and I am just wondering if there is a way that I can share the HTML report to my stakeholders in an email body or as an attachment?

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The HTML was the original report format but the problem is the person looking at the HTML version needs a TR license to see the report. The HTML needs to be downloaded as it includes the files needed for formatting. So a person would get the HTML report as an attachment and copy the entire folder to the computer and then open the report.

The above drawbacks was the reason the PDF reports were eventually developed.

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@BGanger: Thanks for the prompt response!

Is there a way to include hyperlinks in the PDF report?

I can only guess that it might be able to be done by Gurock but as soon as you do that it removes the #1 reason to use the PDF - not needing a Test Rail license.

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Gotcha! Thank you @BGanger.

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