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Provide an easy way to search in the folder view for Test Suites & Cases


For projects requiring a lot of folders and subfolders, it is very time-consuming to search for a particular folder especially if there are no test cases (and related fields) against which a user could otherwise filter. I find myself scrolling through a very long list of them in a filter view. It would be great to have a quick way to search for keywords in the folder/subfolder names so that I can quickly begin adding test cases in the right location.


Hi Marci,

Thank you for your post. In this case we usually recommend using the folder listing on the right side of the test case listing. This makes it much easier to look through the list of sections/subsections that you have rather than scrolling through the entire page including the test cases.

Would this help in this case?

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team



I’ve experienced more or less same difficulty traversing the long list of sections/folders and their subs underneath in a test suite; would appreciate any help dealing with searching for folder names. If this is a potential enhancement, please count 1 vote for me.

Vincent Nguyen.


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for your reply! You can use filters both in the sidebar and in the main pane to limit your sections to the ones you commonly work on/view. Filters would be remembered each time you visit this area (either from the test run view or also the from the test cases tab when viewing the full repository). We’re also happy to review adding support for other search methods as it can make sense in some cases when test case repositories have many sections/subsection to work with. Hope this helps!