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Property distribution on a checkbox field AND folder/group/subgroups


We have a checkbox field called automated and we would like to generate a test case report which shows how many test cases are automated in a given test suite, folder, group/subgroup.

The closest thing I could find was to get a report of ALL the tests which are automated OR not. But not a report containing BOTH values ~ which says you have 80 automated tests out of 120. I have to select the distribution either from 80 OR from 40.

Also, the filter is only limited to the SECTION/TEST SUITE and there is no option to select a specific folder/group and/or subgroups.

I’ve already gone through relevant forum blog on Generate report about test case coverage by value in folder structure and Property Distribution (Cases) Report grouping on checkboxes but none of them have solution to what I am looking for.

Consider a scenario below:

  • Test suite name: t1
  • Folders in within test suite: f1, f2, f3, f4 etc
  • Checkbox Field: Automated

I would like a property distribution report BASED ( condition ) on automated checkbox GROUPED ( grouping ) by priority FROM ( selection ) folder/group f1 from test suite t1.
So, my expected report should be:

Path: Testsuite1
Priority 0: 80
Priority 1: 35

Path: Testsuite1/Folder1/subfloder 3
Priority 0: 80 automated out of 120
Priority 1: 35 automated out of 50

Is this possible?