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Projects in Jira suddenly not able to see testrail


I recently picked up ownership of a jira cloud instance that uses the TestRail for Jira connector to access a TestRail version 5.5. I got a report today of jira issues no longer having access to Testrail info. This was my 1st experience with the connector, so eventually I got the right credentials to be able to access the connector Config screen and when I look at it it has the checkbox Limit to Projects checked on, and under the list of projects it says in red that “You haven’t selected any projects so far. The add-on will not be visible for any user unless you select a project”. If there were projects that already been selected, would they have been highlighted in the list?
This had been working fine so I’m trying to figure out either how in the connector the checkbox got checked on or all projects deselected, is there any change/audit log for the add-on?
I’m assuming that the connector can’t have different setting depending on user logged into Jira? Would it be safe for me to just select a few of the projects, save settings and see what happens?