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Project-wide find & replace?

Hi all!

I have potentially a lot of dreary work coming up very soon, and I’m hoping there’s a smart and not-so-dreary way to do it.

My software project is renaming several components, and I will need to update all existing test cases, etc. to match the new names. I don’t see an easy way to do this in the TestRail UI. Is there a back-end trick I can use? Or ideas for a script or sequence of API calls, perhaps?

Ex: Component name is currently “widget.” New name (because business reasons) is “thingamabob.” Mission: update all references to “widget” - test cases, test steps, sections/subsections, etc. - in the project space to instead reference “thingamabob.”

Thanks, I appreciate any suggestions!


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the post! If you need to bulk update your test cases with a find and replace, you can use the XML export/import feature for this.

Within your project, you can export all of your test cases to XML, then edit the entries within the XML to match the updated terminology. Once any edits are complete, you can then use the import from XML feature and select the option to update your test cases.

In order for the import to work, you should not edit the structure of the document, but simply replace any text as necessary.

Alternatively, you can select your test cases in bulk within the UI and make bulk edits to your test cases. This would only work if you are editing fields which contain the exact same data, as bulk edits would replace any modified fields with the updated data, overwriting the entire value.

Hope this helps,