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Project Template Imports Questions


Hey there. We are trying to create a template for our new projects created in TestRail.

Would like to have something like this. When we want to create a new project, we would like to somehow import a default one ( where you only edit the name ) and with some some reports already pre-generated ( where, as before, you only change the name and click generate ).

Could this be done ? And do you see any solutions for this ?

Thanks in advance


Hi @AlexSec,

Thanks for the post! Currently, it is not possible to set default project templates when adding new projects and there isn’t a workaround for this which would include pre-generated reports.

We are happy to consider this for a future TestRail release and I will add your vote to this feature request. That said, I wouldn’t be able to provide a timeframe or ETA on this feature.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.


Hey @jon.reynolds,

Thanks for the answer, I was looking for some kind of workarround for this, and was thinking of using a third party software to import and export ( I was looking into ranorex, but am still installing this ) … could this be done ( create a template project into testrail --> export it to a different app --> and always import a new project from there into testrail ) ???



Hi @AlexSec,

Migrating an entire project into TestRail would not be possible, however with TestRail’s API, it would be possible to create a new project in TestRail, and add some default items such as test cases or sections. That said, you would not be able to configure new reports or project permissions through the API, so depending on how much data in a new project you would like pre-populated, this may or may not be useful.