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Project option for Completed Run Date

Sometimes tests simply time out in CI (its rare, hard to reproduce). Or a build is abandoned or times out due to various issues that can happen in the world of CI. When this happens, we have test runs with 0 results, or we have a test run that simply does not automatically get closed as the final task never gets executed.

Ideally, I’d rather see the option for TestRail project to have the completed date based on the last result that was added to the run, so historically these appear in the right place of the list. Otherwise, I’m left with no choice but to delete runs to make the dashboard reflect what is really happening when we need to share a runs screen with development.

Or can I request a linkable view that only shows the completed runs and collapse or hide the active runs?

I think we are also missing the option of closing a run and supplying a note/description for the run to accommodate reasons why a run has certain failures.