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Project / Milestone 'profile' pics?


Firstly, apologies if this is an idiot question. :fearful:

Is it possible to add a ‘profile’ picture to a Project or milestone? On the dashboard for Project and Milestone pages there is a coloured square to the left of the Project/Milestone name. To me, this looks like it is a space for some sort of avatar where a picture can be uploaded.
Is this the case? If it is, how can I upload a picture to it?

Or is it actually a space where info is displayed once the project/milestone has a certain amount of data/status?


Hello Martin,

Thanks for your posting and there’s no such thing as idiot questions :slightly_smiling:

There’s currently no support for set an image or avatar for a project/milestone but we have this on our list of things to look into and I’m happy to add another vote. You can switch between different view modes (full/compact etc.) on the overview pages via the little yellow icons and this changes the size of the project/milestone/run etc. lists.



similar to the image adding feature wish for reports, this would be a small, but fantastic feature !

Please add another vote


Added, thanks :slightly_smiling:



This doesn’t have to be a picture. If we could just change the colour of these squeres - that would be amazing!
So another vote for me :slight_smile: