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Project level admin


Is there any way to, or plans to allow project level admins? We’ve got individual projects that want to manage their own cusotomizations (custom fields, etc.) but we currently have to have an Administrator do that.

And along these lines, is there any way to define default values by project? For example, one project wants a different default priority than another, but these seems to be a system setting.



Hello Logan,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail currently doesn’t have a concept of project level admins but it’s already planned to look into this (I’ve just added another vote to this request, thanks!). So, you would need to use a full administrator for this currently.

Regarding the default values: this is supported for custom fields (that support a default value) by using different project configurations for the custom fields. The built-in fields like priority or type are global/system fields and only support one default option currently.



Has there been any progress made on this feature? We really need a way of allowing non-Admins to configure values in a custom field.


We don’t have an update on this but we still plan to review this for future versions. The problem I would see with allowing non-admins to edit custom fields and field values is that it’s very easy to delete/damage/lose important data by changing custom fields if the user is not familiar with the configuration. So it’s easy to make a mistake and this would likely often result in data loss if a user doesn’t understand the consequences of changing field configurations.


OK, thanks for the reply. FYI, we just want project leads to be able to add a new build number to our custom build field. Even if they’re only able to add a value to the field, that would work – they don’t need the ability to modify or delete existing entries.


Thanks for the additional details. I’m happy to add your vote to this feature request, thanks again!



+1 from me to this feature.


Added to the list, thanks Viljam!