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Project level access



I am trying to give a group access to a certain project but not others. What is the smartest way to do it?

Can we add multiple role access to a project?



Hello Mehmet,

Thanks for your posting. The easiest way to manage this would be to create a user group for your users and then using project permissions to grant/deny access for this user group per project:

You can either keep the default access for these projects (Default Access: Global Role) and give/deny access for the group via the group overrides. Or you can deny access for all projects by default (Default Access: No Access) and maintain a whitelist per project. What’s easier depends a bit on your number of users and groups, but both approaches work well.

I hope this helps!



Hi Mehmet,

From a personal experience, I’ve found it easier to put users into groups i.e. Guest, Testers, Designers etc. From there I have basically done what Tobias mentioned; keeping a white list of users for the different levels of access.

For instance there 2 admin level users in my list everyone else is set to the relevant level which is required. It might not work for you but I find it a very good way of keeping track and knowing who has access to what project at any given time.

Hope this helps