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Project freeze and Restore



My project freezes, but I know that it will go on in a few months.

Is there any way to recover old TestRail data(test suites, test runs and so on) after that long period from the backup I made?

Thank you in advance,


Hi there Volodia,

Thank you for your post. There is no direct method of restoring partial data from a backup that you have created. That being said, you can restore that backup to a temporary TestRail server and then export the test data that you are wanting from that. Keep in mind that you would not be able to directly import this data back into your current TestRail instance. You could look into using the TestRail API to pull information from your temporary TestRail install and pushing it back into your current TestRail instance however. You can read more on our API here:


So how is it possible to use your BackUp strategy with Testrail Cloud solution? What is the correct process to that?

thank you


Hey Volodia,

Thank you for the follow up post. In the case of needing to restore data in TestRail Cloud, you have a couple options.

  1. You can restore your backup to a temporary TestRail instance and then export your data via XML or CSV. You can then import that back into TestRail Cloud
  2. If you need a full site restore, we can help you take care of that


Thanks for your answer)

so how can I restore a project using UI only?


Hey Volodia,

There is no direct way to restore a single project per say. In this case, you would simply need to create a new blank project and then use one of the previously mentioned import options to import your test case data back into the new project. Example:

  • Create new blank project
  • Restore backup to temp TestRail install
  • Export test case data to XML format, or CSV (if you want to map fields/columns)
  • Import into blank project that you created in step 1