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Progress ignores upcoming test runs



I have creates an upcoming test plan 10 weeks ago, that started this week.

Nevertheless, when you look at the Progress tab, it says

this test plan was started 10 weeks ago

which is wrong, it started this week, but was created 10 weeks ago.

Also I was wondering how this start time affects the forecast, as over the last 9.5 weeks, there hasn’t been much of activity of course and the forecast says we are finished somewhen in July 2017, which makes not much sense looking at the progress of this week…



Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. The Progress page for test plans & runs uses the creation date of the same so this behavior would be expected. Starting with TR 5.3, the milestones have a start date you can set and their progress would also take into account the date of the first result. So, if you link the test plan or run to a milestone, you would see a more accurate estimate and it’s planned to look into this for test plans & runs as well.



the test plan is connected to a milestone. The milestone was the same, it was created 10 weeks ago and started with the test plan this week.

It might be working as expected, but I still think, that the creation date is not the accurate way to represent the start date, this should be in the case of upcoming plans/milestone, the actual start date from the milestone


Hi Andreas,

If you’ve set a start date for the milestone (available with TR 5.3), this would be reflected on the Progress page for the milestone. This is not propagated down to the test plan level at this point but the milestone or sub-milestone page would be a bit more advanced and takes into account a) milestone start dates as well as b) first result dates of the runs.

I hope this helps!



is there a reason for this ?


It’s planned to add this with a future version, it’s just that the advanced start date handling is currently only available for milestones and sub-milestones.



cool thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


You are welcome :slight_smile: