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Progress forecast accuracy


I’ve created a test plan a few weeks ago and have assigned tests on this test plan. Since we were waiting for a code freeze to start testing, the test plan was created weeks before we could actually start our test campaign. The problem is that the progress forecast seems to compute a completion date based on a start date corresponding to the test plan creation, which in our case is completely wrong. Since I cannot modify the test plan start date I tried to duplicate the test plan using “Rerun”, but unfortunately doing that I lose all the test assignments I had set. I there a better way to proceed to have a more accurate forecast without losing all the assigments ?



Hello Sandra,

Thanks for your posting! TestRail currently always use the start/creation date for test plans/runs for the progress forecast. It’s already planned to make this more flexible (e.g. based on the date of the first test result) and we would like to look into this for a future version. I’m happy to add your vote to this feature request. You can either rerun the test plan or use a slightly inaccurate forecast (but which still gets better over time as you add additional results).