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Problems with Version 1.3


I am using the trial version of V1.3 and have experienced the following problems:

a. TrackMethod now log method leave immediately after logging method enter and not at the actual exit to the method.

b. LogDataset does not log field values following a BLOB field when using TADODataset.

I am using BDS 2006, Win32.




The TrackMethod issue is already known and has been fixed in the 1.3.1 release of SmartInspect.

We could reproduce and identify the LogDataset problem and we just released the 1.3.3 maintenance release to correct this.

Just download the new release and install the new version over the old one. Please make sure that Delphi and the SmartInspect Console are closed while updating.

Thanks for reporting the issues!


Thanks for the feedback, I have discovered a further problem with V1.3.2 4144.

LogDataSet do not return the dataset to its original position inspite of ARestoreRecordPosition being True. Again with TADODataset and BDS 2006.





I contacted you via email to get some more details about the issue.