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Problemi with C++


Hi Tobias,

I found some problem using last version with C++ when i compile with *.lib it cannot compile and the linker report the error

[ILINK32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file ‘DB.OBJ’

more over when i compile in standard way the application doesn’t start at all. Removing all reference from SmartInspect the application run fine.

BTW C++ is officially supported or not ?

Ing Giuseppe ‘Geppo’ Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

Actually, (Borland/CodeGear) C++ is supported, but I must admit that it does not get the same attention in respect to testing as the primary platforms (Delphi, Java and .NET). Which version of C++ do you use?


Hi Tobias,

I have RADStudio 2007 With december update.
Help show me this version 11.0.2902.10471.

Thanks for help
Regards Ing Giuseppe ‘Geppo’ Monteleone


problem solved!!

  1. for problem compiling a SmartInspectEnabled app. you need include SmartInspect BPL in system path, I think that your new installer doesn’t update ENV PATH variable and debugger give strange error when doesn’t find a Bpl

  2. for static link you have to include followin lines in your file (I put these in main form)

#pragma link "SmartInspectD2007.lib" #pragma link "dbrtl.lib"

Ing Giuseppe ‘Geppo’ Monteleone


Hello Giuseppe,

Thanks for the update. I will make sure that we integrate this information into our help and also look into fixing into the installer issue. By the way, if you are not using any database logging routines, you should be able to remove the dependency on dbrtl.lib if you define “SI_DISABLE_DB” (for example, in the include file) and recompile the source code.