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Problem with "Umlaute" when exporting


When I export a testplan to excel I always have problems with Umlaute (äöü).
For example a test case status “ungültig” will be exported as “ungültig”.
Is there another way to solve this than renaming all word with Umlauten (ü = ue, etc.)


Hello Cyrus,

Thanks for your posting. TestRail is fully Unicode-enabled and also supports German Umlaute. Like most web applications, TestRail uses the UTF-8 encoding to store data and the CSV exports are also exported as UTF-8. Most applications automatically detect that the CSV files use the UTF-8 encoding. Some Excel versions don’t unfortunately but you can tell Excel to import the file as UTF-8 as follows:

(see the first answer by Mark)

Excel/Windows would usually use 65001 or similar as alias for UTF-8.

I hope this helps!