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Problem with reading sic file with pipe


I’ve created new config file with builder (v., added pipe protocol, nothing else. I can save the file, but I can’t read it in. It says protocol “pipe” unknown.

My config looks like this:

Connections = pipe()


Fixed, thanks. Will be included in the next EAP release.


What is the expected date of next EAP release ? What do you think about an access to a nightly build release? I am ready to test EAP, but I can’t go on without fixes for last problems.

best regards
Piotr Rezmer


Hi Piotr,

If all goes well, we might be able to release a new EAP version today/tomorrow. It’s mainly a bug fix release but still needs some testing before we can publish it. Nightly builds are currently not planned, because the trunk is not always in a “publishable” state.

Thanks for testing the EAP versions, we really appreciate it. I will make sure to release the next version soon.


It’s out. As always, it can be downloaded at