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Problem with Re-Run option


Hi, there seems to be a problem with the Re-Run option.

I’m attempting to re-run a Test Plan for UNTESTED and RETEST Status only Test Cases.

However when I create a new Re-Run Test Plan, all Status test cases are being pulled into the Plan where I have different Configurations in a Test Suite.

How do I fix this so that UNTESTED and RETEST only status Test Cases are pulled into the Re-Run.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your post! The Rerun plan would only include test cases for the statuses you have selected. That said, this test case would be retested in all configurations, not just the configuration in which it was UNTESTED or RETEST. This is by design, as it usually makes sense to retest such test cases with all configurations in case there was a fix/change applied that could’ve affected one of the other configurations. We also already have a feature request to make this configurable, and I’m happy to add another vote to this request on your behalf as well. Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

The problem here is that the Test Case has already been run for one configuration but not for others.

I only want to re-run for the configuration that has not yet been run, as there is no impact on other configs that have already been run (in this case a different OS altogether).

Ultimately it means that I have to abandon using Configurations altogether in order to achieve what i need here.


Hi Greg,

Thanks for your feedback! Your use case definitely makes sense and as mentioned previously we already received a feature request for this before and we plan to review this for a future update (either to make this configurable, or to make an exception for certain statuses such as Untested). I’ve added your feedback to the request as well so we can look at and understand each use case when working on the solution for this.