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Problem with c++ Builder 2010


Hello all!

I want to try to use SmartInspector for my projects.
I use C++ Builder 2010 and C++ Builder XE6
I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version SmartInspector.
SmartInspector was integrated into both IDE during installation.

As described in manual I’ve created empty project and added following lines into project’s CPP file:
#include <SiAuto.hpp>

Si->Enabled = true;

But the linker failed with error "[ILINK32 Error] Fatal: Unable to open file ‘DB.OBJ’"
Object file “DB.OBJ” isn’t present in SmartInspect library folder.
C++ Builder XE6 has the same error.
How can I fix it?



Thanks for your posting. You may need to add the following directives (for example, as part of your main form):

I hope this helps!



tgurock, thanks a lot! This helped!

I think you should include it into manual.


Great to hear that!