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Priorities of Test cases - should be related to test run



TestRail provides the possibility to assign Priorities to Test cases. But they are linked to the test case ‘object’ itself, i would say that the priority should be adjustable according to the Test Run. i try to explain it below.

I have a product with 5 modules ( module A, module B … Module E) having number of test cases for each module. If i want to test module A in a ‘test run’, then i would select test cases related to that module and put them in the ‘test run’, i may like to test some of test cases from other modules in that ‘test run’ because i feel that it may be good if i do so, but the test cases from other modules have less priority than the test cases of Module A. Now this is something i can not do in Test Rail. i don’t see any connection of ‘Priority’ with ‘Test case’ with out a ‘Test Run’. A test case can have high priority in one ‘test run’ for certain ‘mile stone’, and can have low priority for another ‘test run’ for another ‘mile stone’. Therefore a ‘test case’ that is selected for different ‘test runs’ can have different priorities at the same time.

This is something i would like to have i.e. A possibility to assign different priorities to the same test case according to different ‘test runs’.



Great idea, Rizwan, thanks. That sounds really useful and I can see how this would come in handy in quite a few situations, so we will consider this for a future version. The priorities in the test cases would then serve as the default priority and the priority could be adjusted for each test run/test.



@ “The priorities in the test cases would then serve as the default priority and the priority could be adjusted for each test run/test.”

yes, since it is quite normal to run multiple test runs at a time therefore when we adjust default priority for each test run, it should not effect the priority of the same test case for another test run. this means that multiple priorities of same test case can exist at a time.



I would like to float this idea back up. I’m finding the same thing. The priority of some test cases is relative, depending on what’s going on in any particular release.

But even it wasn’t, I still would like to prioritize test runs. This is because in any given release, there are some changes that have a higher risk, and I want to make sure those get done first.



Thanks for your posting. Yes, this is still planned but this is not an often requested feature so it hasn’t been implemented yet so far. We will make sure to look into it again for one of the next versions.



I’m using a trial version to determine if Test Rail is right for our organization and I was very surprised to see this missing feature. I’m having a hard time imagining a testing process where priority on the test case object is important, but priority on the test session is not.

You said this is not a frequently requested feature, so I’m assuming there’s a workaround/better way to solve the “prioritize my tests within a run” problem; could you suggest how we can do that (or point to documentation)?

Also, +1 for this feature, so I guess we’re up to 3 :slight_smile:



Thanks for your feedback on this :slight_smile:

You can freely filter and include cases in test runs based on the priority using the Select Cases dialog (which you can open using the “select cases” links on the test plan or run forms):

(see the Priority filter on the right; please note that this is actually the Copy/Move dialog but the Select dialog looks nearly the same)

It’s just that you cannot override the priority for tests in a test run. It’s already planned to look into this though and we will make sure to review this again for a future version.



+1 for this feature. Would love to be able to (re)prioritize test cases within a run to override the default setting in the test case itself. With many active test runs for different releases employing the same test case, it would be most beneficial to be able to have different priorities set at the test run level…we often run into scenarios where one test run needs to run XYZ test case early in the cycle but another parallel test run doesn’t have to.



Thanks Kris, this is definitely still on our feature request list.


+1 for this feature.

Thank you.


Added to the list, thanks Phil!



+1 for this feature, its the key part of TestRail that’s missing for us



Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your feedback! I’ve added your vote to the request.



+1 with some further thoughts.

For us, the “priority” field at the test case level is not very useful. Instead, it would be much more useful to be able to establish the priority of a test within the test plan/run.

We reuse our test suites and the decision whether or not to run a particular test case is made based on the changes being made in each sprint. The priority of a given test case therefore changes depending on context. So a test that was a “must-do” last sprint might be a “maybe if you have time” priority this sprint.



Hi Jan,

Thanks for your reply! I’ve added your feedback and vote to this request, and definitely agree that a test run level priority would be useful to have. As mentioned previously, we’re happy to review this for a future update.



+1 for this feature request


I am in a similar dilemma, but I don’t think it is the same. With our previous test case management software, we were able to link priority to the test case and the category. For example TestCase1 on Windows 7 was a High Priority, but TestCase1 on Windows Vista was a Low Priority.

I am still trying to think through this process with TestRail.


Seems it’s been over 6 months since the last update on this feature request. Our organization also very much needs this - priorities on a per plan or per run basis, not just in the repository. has this made it into the roadmap yet?


Any updates on this request? I was asked by our Project lead a couple hours ago to prioritize and tag as such a subset of cases in a ~500 case plan to be done as a priority. It seems there is no feasible way to do this. Even if I didn’t care about a priority change in the case itself impacting other plans and other users, I’d have to individually edit each case one at a time, correct? We need a way to simply pull up a plan - and a run in each plan, have a column for the priority, and very quickly change that priority in the plan. Every test management system I’ve worked with before has had this capability. It’s far more important in my opinion than the ability to set a priority in the case itself