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Print Testrun Option Results


I use the TestStep custom fields with Step Results. At the moment the PrintingOption for Testruns has 2 options Outline and Details, but the Outline options has insufficient information’s and the Details to many. The Details option shows every TestCase, the Expected Results and the Results with the Step Results. So now the TestSteps shows up twice at first in the TestCase and as passed or failed in the Step Results.

Now I think is there a way in a future release to get a Results PrintigOptions, that shows the TestCases without Preconditions, TestSteps, Steps and the Expected Results but with the Results with the Step Results at first and than the normal Results with the commentaries?

In the end I have a little problem with the background colours from the printing page. I want to create a pdf file and tested some programs like PrimoPDF, FreePDF XP or PDFCreator but the background colours form the status (passed, retest, failed) doesn’t show up in the pdf file. I don’t no is this a problem from the programs or from the colours.


Hello Arkyn,

Thanks for the suggestion. The Details format may indeed be a bit too verbose (especially when you have the Steps custom fields enabled), I just added your suggestion to our feature request list. Regarding the background colors, that’s usually an option of the browser (in Firefox, e.g., it can be found under File | Page Setup; in IE you can change this in the Internet Options | Advanced).