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Print selected section test cases instead of printing the whole suite


I would like to print out selected section of test cases, however Print contain all test cases from the suite.

Is it possible to print out only selected section?



Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your post. TestRail would in fact include all test cases when using the print option. In this case it is possible to leverage the TestRail API to pull only the test cases that you are wanting. You could then use that output to create your list of test cases.

We do actually have quite a few customers that use the API this way to pull only relevant test data.

Marty Lavender
Customer Success Team


Would prefer not to create another infrastructure tool to solve this problem, is it technically not possible to do and why does the filter not affect what is printed.

Could a custom report be created similar to the print option where we could select individual test cases, and print out all the fields in the test case.



Hi Rich,

Thanks for your feedback. It’s still planned to look into this and support the same filtering and grouping options with the print view. Currently the print view will always include all test cases & sections.



+1 vote to this feature!


+1 vote to this feature.


Any updates here?

I’m a +1 for sure


Hello all,

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I can’t give any specifics on when or if this feature will be added to TestRail, but for now it is still on our development radar and I’ve added your votes to the internal request to help prioritize future TestRail updates. You can keep an eye out on our blog to stay up-to-date on all TestRail updates here:


+10 this is something that any other app can do, limit the print output to specific areas. If I find this annoying when I have just a started using this product imagine how people who have huge test suites will feel. This is something that should get more priority. Having an API that can do it is not much of a workaround.


Thanks for the feedback. Vote added.