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Print Report - graphic layout problems



When I run the report “Comparison for Cases”, the print view has many graphic layout problems.
Here you can see examples for this situation.

Can you please fix this in the next release?
I must print it, and it´s annoying to reconstruct these reports.



What version of Test Rail and what browser are you using? Have you tried another browser?

I just ran one in our test environment (in Chrome) and do not see the same issues.


TestRail (up-to-date)
Firefox 52
GoogleChrome Version 57.0.2987.133


I used the same Chrome version… I had less results and maybe there is something with the length of names that is causing a weird issue.


Hi Philip,

Thanks for your post! I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue here on my end with the report as it would always be spaced out properly. Can you download the zipped version of the report and send that in to us at so we can have a look at the report and how it renders? Looking forward to your email!