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Print/Export Details of Failed Tests Only


Just started with test rail recently and really like it, but printing seems to have a lot of issues

We run a test run that is 218 pages in detail. And need to send failed test run details to our supplier, but don’t want to send them 218 pages. I have to print to acrobat and then start removing over a hundred pages of the test that passed. Surely there’s a way to print the DETAILS of just the failed cases, but I can;t find it

Also, we want to prnt sections of the test-run for users who do not use test rail. I go into the run, filter the case, but when I print, I get the whole test run


Hi Mark,

Thanks for your posting! The print views currently always include all details/cases of the case repository/run. It’s already planned to support the filters for the print views as well and we would like to look into this for a future version. Have you already looked into the other report on the Reports tab? The Summary > Runs report may be a good fit for the test overview/outline and also supports filters.



Thanks Tobias

I did look at the other reports, but none of them suit

Any idea when this new feature will be added


Hi Mark,

We currently don’t have an estimate at this point but it’s planned to look into this. We currently focus on finishing the 5.3 and will make sure to review this again for one of the versions after that, thanks again for your feedback!



Hey Mark,

Any movement on this request. I would love this feature!


there’s another massive problem with printing a test run results, it takes about 3/4 width f the page for the name of tester and defect and the stuff you really want to read is about 6 characters wide. It’s useless.

the name of tester and defect should be listed as first/last row, so the printout is usable