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Previously failing test case still present in defect view after passing result added

We are on server version and are seeing a problem where a test case that had previously failed with a Jira defect assigned to it now passes and when a passing result is added for the test case it is still present in the defect list showing as failing, it should be expected that the now passing case would no longer be showing in the defect view.

We’ve also verified this issue exists on in

Is this a known issue and if so is there an ETA to a fix?


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I encountered similar issues last week during our regression period. In general, it appears that the latest state of a test (result and current assignee) is not filtered correctly.

When I apply filters in the “To do” tab and reports often only previous assignees and test results are filtered. A similar thing happens in the defect view.

I filed a support ticket earlier this week and received a request for furter information, which will be provided tomorrow

Hey Greg,

Sorry for the delayed response. Just wanted to check if you’re still facing this issue or you were able to contact our Support Team and got it resolved already ?

Looking forward to hear from you !


Thanks for following up Shanu.
Since my post we’ve found that it appears to be ‘by design’ that the defects view of a test pass does not update a test cases failure status when it passes by adding a new passing result.

The defects view appears to only be useful to view defects found during a pass and when they occurred, it does not appear to update any previously failing cases with a passing result. Which for us makes the defect page a bit useless to get current defect status of issues found during a test pass, only useful to see when defects were initially filed, nothing beyond that.

Can this behaviour be confirmed by someone so we know that this is indeed the case?

Thanks in advance,