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Preview option of changes to a test case



yet another nice-to-have-feature-request.

The idea is that I like to verify that all the formatting and description in the test case is correct. So having a preview is highly wanted.

Now I need to save the test case, navigate to it again from the test suite view and then verify that all has been entered correctly, and if not, the whole thing starts again


PS: I have edited this post - i had first the addition to select the test case, that has been edited, in the test suite view, but thats actually not helping for this problem, so I removed that

Feature Request: Markdown preview

In the version of testrail I run, I generally use the ‘History’ option to see how a test case has evolved, but yes I think this would make a nice little addition.


yes and the history gets cluttered with all the small changes where e.g. a url formatting or the code indentation was not correct


Hi all!

Thanks for your feedback! I assume you specifically mean a Markdown preview (similar to the preview in this forum)? Definitely makes sense, thanks (just added to the feature request list)!



yes, a markdown preview and yes like in here in the forum on the right hand side - like in my other post Code indentation is not working in lists, to be able to catch those things before saving the test case and adding unnecessary history entries


Happy to look into this, thanks again for the feedback!