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Preview defect window gives error, while tapping on defect takes you to JIRA


I absolutely love test rail tool (on trial right now), but there is an issue with previewing the references (screenshot).
While clicking on the link sends you to the JIRA ticket just fine. this is the only issue I am facing with, all other integration works good (we can see test cases for the User stories in Jira and test results for example)


Hi there! We just saw that your message was flagged as spam here and approved it. If you need urgent help, you can also just email us at any time. Regarding the problem: please make sure that your settings under Administration > Integration tab are correct. Can you push a bug report from TestRail to JIRA? JIRA returns the 401 error if the username/password are incorrect and make sure that you enter your JIRA username, not your email address, for the integration.



Thanks, the issue was resolved after changing Password to JIRA account, who would know.


Hello Anastasia,

Great to hear that it works now!