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"Pretty" URLs


Is there a way to configure TestRail to be accessible via (and in turn itself use) pretty URLs?

I.e. I’d prefer having URLs like:
instead of:

I know I can use Alias/mod_rewrite to get TestRail to respond to that URL, but TestRail still generates URLs containing the index.php? part.



Hello Clenz,

Thanks for your message. we don’t currently support pretty URLs for TestRail. I understand that pretty URLs are useful for publicly accessible websites and applications and we would likely already support this if TestRail were a public web application or similar; but as TestRail is usually used internally, our priority was to make the URL handling more robust for different environments and situations. That said, we will consider adding this in a future update as I understand that this can be useful.

If you are mainly interested in pretty URLs to make the links to TestRail shorter, you could also add redirects via mod_rewrite so you could link to:

with a redirect to:

I hope this helps.