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Preserving Test Results after moving test case between Test Suites


Hello here,

I use “Test Results” tab a lot for viewing previous test results on a test case. But it seems that I lose all Test results on a case if I move case from one Test Suite to another (within one project).

Is there a way to move the Test Case between suites such that “Test Results” section won’t be cleared?

Thank you!



Thanks for your posting. A test run is always linked to a specific test suite (case repository) and moving or deleting a case would also remove the test results in all active test runs. Please note that this wouldn’t affect closed test runs and you can close runs as follows:

Closing a run fully archives it and prevents future modifications (such as adding test results, so please make sure to close only finished runs).

I hope this helps!



Thanks for your quick reply Tobias!

Not sure I’m clear on “all active test runs” situation. Did you mean that I can still see test results history on moved test case if all previous test runs were closed (from test case view)?


Yes, results of closed test runs would be archived and visible even if you move cases between suites in the same project. Please note that closing test runs and plans cannot be undone as mentioned:

I hope this helps!



It might be a bug then, as I can’t see test results on cases that’s been moved, even if the set plan/run the test case was previously executed at is closed (see screenshot above).

Thank you,


Hello Alina,

Thanks for your reply! I don’t see the screenshot unfortunately. Would it be possible to send screenshots (full browser window would be great) of your case history page as well as the related test run & test? It would be great if you could send the screenshots via email to



This is also a behavior we are observing, we are combining test suites via the Move functionality and the test results are empty when viewing “Tests & Results” from the specific moved test case view.

I believe you are explaining that the closed test runs maintain the results which is the case, however it would be very beneficial to view the entire test execution history of a moved test case from the test cases “Tests & Results” view.

Is the expectation that we should be seeing past execution results from a moved test case in the test cases “Test & Results” view post move?



Hi Dio,

Thanks for your posting. When you move or delete cases from a suite, TestRail removes all related tests (& their results) from active test runs. Existing test results are not moved to other runs because a) TestRail cannot know if the results would even apply (e.g. they may have been executed in a different context) or b) there may be more or less test runs for the new suite compared to the old one (so it’s not really possible to know which results should be moved to which run).

Before restructuring test suites & cases, we always recommend closing/archiving finished test runs/plans so that past test results are kept even if you move/delete cases: