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Preformatted text holding on to carriage returns


I am attempting to format a test case so that it respects pre-formatted text in the results (example XML results). I wanted it to hold onto the format (including carriage returns) of:
Data =
xxxx: false
xxx2: true
xxx3 :

I have done the back ticks:
Data <information> = { xxxx: false xxx2: true xxx3 : <data> }

The above I get all the info all on one line but using the courier font I want.

I have also tried the 4 spaces per line based on the . I get the some of the formatting but no courier font as i would expect. Indents after the first 4 spaces seems to be ignored as well.

I am assuming I am missing some simple combination(at least I hope so).

Thank you for your time.
All the best,


Hi Sheree,

Thanks for your post! The editor would support monospaced typeface in Markdown fields when indenting by four spaces, and would also preserve all other whitespace after the first four spaces as well, as mentioned in the editor guide you provided:

You would just need to be sure to enter the 4 spaces before each line. If you still run into issues, can you take some screenshots of your formatting prior to saving it as well as the result once it’s saved? If it contains private content feel free to send the screenshots directly to and we’d be happy to help troubleshoot any issue. Hope this helps!